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Glick & Company, LLC offers exceptional tax services for individuals and small businesses in the Middlebury, CT area. Accounting is an extremely important component for running any business and for life in general. Keeping track of your expenses allows you to better plan for the future.

Our reliable certified public accountant can provide organization and structure when it comes to your tax returns and filing. We also offer bookkeeping services to keep your books accurate and organized for when tax day rolls around. The lesser the mess, the lesser the stress.

Our accountants can help with anything from state taxes, trust taxes, tax preparation service, and more. Accounting is time consuming, but by hiring our firm, you can spend more time running your business. Don’t let the nuisance of taxes be a worry in your life, with the assistance of our reputable accounting company we will be able to ensure that your tax filing is a breeze.

Contact us for more information about what we can do for you. For the best accounting services, call Glick & Company, LLC today!


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